Understand your customers' experience. Reach maximum retail performance.

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You’re spending money on marketing, but...

...can you truly know if current customers’ experience is outstanding enough to make them coming back again, and again?

Or you’re just trying to fill the increasing gap with more and more advertising? Or more and more costful discounts?

The primary question

...is not how to bring new customers in.

But whether current customer experience quality is good enough for the word of mouth to spread.

Way too often retailers are not recognizing their customers’ leakages. Instead, they do more and more expensive advertising which doesn’t bring sustainable return.

The good news is: you don't have to be one of them.

With the new Honey Access technology available, you can make sure your stores are performing perfectly, and are delivering the best possible experience to your customers.


  1. Install Honey Access Retail Performance Tracking equpiment in your stores
  2. Track Live Customers Experience Quality
  3. Track Live Customers Loyalty
  4. Track Live Shop Window Capture Rate
  5. Track Live Conversion Rate
  6. Identify underperforming locations
  7. Identify problems, and solve them
  8. Start making great, long-term profits

How it works

Our equipment - located in your stores - is collecting anonymous wireless signals transmitted from mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches.

Because most singals can be uniquely matched to a specific hand-held device, new meaningful retail dataset is available. Retailers now can utilize it in order to measure various retailer indicators, which were previously hard to obtain.

The data collected from all your locations is sent to the central server, processed with our algorithms, and presented to you in a form of customizable online reports. Retail metrics are available instantly on the web, and can be accessed from your latpop, or your smartphone.

Zero risk

  • No installation fees, no hidden costs, only low monthly fee per store.
  • No long-term contracts, cancel at any time.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

But here's even more

With our equipment installed, now you can open new Wi-Fi marketing channel, and engage your customers even more, by encouraging them to download your mobile app, browse your online site, or Facebook fanpage.

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