Honey Access:
14 years of experience in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic analysis and marketing.

We’re team of Poland-based wireless technologies experts, with a computer science background. We’re focused on delivering cost-effective data analytics solutions.

We have 14+ years of experience in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Our main focus is traffic analytics for transport and retail.

2006-2010: Bluetooth Marketing

The history of our team starts in 2006, when we launched bluAir, a Bluetooth proximity marketing platform, which has been used for marketing big brands like Nokia, Sony, Nike, National Geographics, as well as many small businesses.

Since 2008: Bluetooth Tracking

We were working with several international partners, and one of them – in 2008 – was approached by the Dutch agency for innovation (TNO) to check if they can use our technology for estimating the number of people in crowds on big events (which is normally hard to do).

Since 2010: Retail Metrics

The concept has been proved successful, and we started the development of the totally new solution on the top of our marketing platform. Not only for the crowd control on big events, but also for delivering new metrics for retailers to measure their performance.

Since 2010: Car Traffic and Smart Cities

In the same time the technology was tried at traffic projects with success. First in Netherlands, then Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. In 2018 our system have been installed in Rome at 90 locations.

Since 2017: Wi-Fi Marketing

Since 2017, on the top an existing platform we’ve been developing a Social Wi-Fi features, as of 2020 it’s run in over 4000 locations by our German partner.