Mall Analytics:

Prove space value to your tenants Boost shoppers’ spendings

On average 80% of the mall is not visited in a single shopping visit. And what is unseen, is unsold.

The longer shopping travel distance, the more money is spent by shoppers. If your shoppers paths are too short, stores are losing potential revenue.

Do you allow shoppers to stick to their plan?

Wrong! Experiments show that if you require your shoppers to travel farther from their planned path, they will spend even up to 60% more.

What’s now possible

  1. Measure current shopping travel distances
  2. Identify current shopping paths
  3. Establish optimal shopping paths
  4. Establish real value of your retail space, and prove it to your tenants
  5. Offer your tenants insights to shoppers behavior (“customers visiting your store, are also visiting…”)
  6. Use insights to plan location of new tenants to get longer shopping paths
  7. Analyze loyalty patterns to rate effectiveness of your marketing

How it works

Our sensors are capturing wireless signals (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) transmitted from smartphones of your shoppers. (The data is anonymized, to ensure privacy of your visitors.)

Information is synchronized with the cloud. Mall metrics – such as travel length, dwell time, number of new vs returning visitors – are available instantly in the Online Dashboard, and can be accessed from your laptop, or your smartphone.

You also get convenient e-mail reports every Monday morning.


How do you determine the shopping paths in the mall?

We pick up signals (such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) from shoppers’ smartphones. Since these signals are unique per device, we can follow every shopper in the mall, from the entry point to the exit, and determine their path, visit duration, whether it’s a new visitor, or returning; what was the last time he visited the mall before, etc.

Does the shopper has to use Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) to be detected?

No, it’s enough that he has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on. Shopper doesn’t have to be connected.

But not everybody has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on. Doesn’t that mean your metrics are inaccurate?

It’s not necessary to track every single shopper. The amount of data we collect is much more than sufficient for providing all the metrics.

Isn’t tracking violating shoppers privacy?

No, we don’t collect any person-identifying information. Every data we collect is anonymized.    



Shopping Mall Heatmap
Shopping Mall Heat Map
Shopping Mall Heat Map Analytics
Shopping Mall Heat Map
Shopping Mall Heat Map Analytics
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