Improve retail performance by understanding people’s behavior better

retail analytics

You spend a lot of money to get more people at your door. But do they come back?

Every single purchase in your store is a result of many different things. If you look at your sales only, you have a distorted view.

For every businesses the most important is the sustainability: do my customers come back? If they don’t, no amount of money spent on advertising will make a difference in the long run.

Stop guessing. Say hello to clarity.

  • Sell more by learning what makes people come back more often
  • Make your visitors stay longer, and buy more
  • Reduce costs by keeping most effective staff-to-visitor ratio

How does it work?

We anonymously track every single visit to your store, by detecting presence of your customers’ smartphones. This makes you know if visitors are new, or returning; how long they stayed, how many of them visited the store, and how many passed by.

Tracking Wi-Fi

New metrics

With Honey Access you get powerful retail information, which will change your business:

  • New Visitors
  • Returning Visitors
  • Passing-by Traffic
  • Capture Rate / Store Front Effectiveness
  • Bounce Rate: number of visitors leaving the store too soon
  • Engagement / Dwell Time
  • Staff to Visitors Ratio
  • Time spent in the Queue

Online Reporting:

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monhtly
  • Compare to same period last year
  • A/B Location comparisons
  • Good vs bad weather periods
  • High vs low traffic periods
  • Data available online, 24/7
  • Weekly e-mail reports
Smartphone Tracking Software: retail metrics
Honey Access Retail Analytics Dashboard
Smartphone Tracking Software: compare locations
Honey Access Retail Analytics: 2 Locations Compared

How that helps me performing better?

Loyalty, Outside traffic, Visitors, and Engagement Metrics are giving you the opportunity to evaluate your key business decisions:

  • Has my new campaign been performing well? (Did it increase loyalty, or not?)
  • Has my new window display more stopping power?
  • Is there enough staff in the peak hours?
  • Did my new layout increase time spent in the store, or not?
  • Isn’t the queue too long?

With best-working ads, best displays, best layout, best salespeople allocation you will be selling more, and your customers will be coming back more often.


  1. Install Honey Access equpiment in your store(s)
  2. Start measuring LOVE: Loyalty, Outside traffic, Visits, Engagement
  3. Learn which campaigns increased Loyalty, and why
  4. Learn which displays had the highest Outside traffic to Visitors capture rate, and why
  5. Learn which layouts increased Engagement, and why
  6. Identify Staff-to-Visitors ratio, and reallocate staff for more optimal sales performance
  7. Identify best-performing locations, days, and hours
  8. Identify worst-performing locations, days, and hours
  9. Learn from the best cases, solve the worst
  10. Improve customer experience, sell more, and make your customers coming back more often


  • 30 days money-back guarantee.


With our equipment installed, now you can open new Wi-Fi marketing channel, and engage your customers even more, by encouraging them to download your mobile app, browse your online site, or Facebook fanpage.


How do you determine all these metrics?

We pick up signals (such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) from shoppers’ smartphones. Since these signals are unique per device, we can follow every shopper in the store, from the entry point to the exit, and determine their path, visit duration, whether it’s a new visitor, or returning; what was the last time he visited the store before, etc.

Does the shopper have to use Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) to be detected?

No, it’s enough that he has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on. Shopper doesn’t have to be connected.

But some people can have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switched off. What then?

It’s not necessary to track every single shopper. The amount of data we collect is sufficient for providing the metrics with a reasonable accuracy.

Isn’t tracking violating shoppers privacy?

No, we don’t collect any person-identifying information. Every data we collect is anonymized.