Learn where people go, and when


Back up your investment decisions with insightful live data feedback

With the Honey Access City Tracking technology, you can now precisely measure:

  1. where do people go,
  2. how often they come back,
  3. how long they stay,
  4. what means of transport they use,
  5. whether they are local residents or tourists.

Now you’re easily able to answer questions like: City Flow Tracking Wi-Fi

  1. how many visitors were attracted by the event?
  2. did they visit restaurants, shops, or rather left the city immediately?
  3. how many of them revisited the city?
  4. how an investment (i.e. new recreation site, new exhibition, traffic organisation change) influenced the way people move through the city
  5. did it increase visitor rates?
  6. did it increase overall time spent in the city by visitors?

New City KPIs

  • Event Performance Indicator
    • before/after city life influence: see how events affect other areas of the city
    • revisiting patterns: determine if you attract tourists, or local residents
  • Shopping Performance Indicator
    • discover what’s pumping up the shopping traffic
    • …and what is not
  • Public Facility Performance Indicator
  • Commercial Facility Influence Index

Indexes per type of Traffic

  • Pedestrian Traffic (Footfall) Index
  • Tram/Bus Traffic Index
  • Rail Traffic Index
  • Car Traffic Index
  • Car Travel Experience Indicator

Weather-independent view

Good weather can be a big attractor for visiting any city. However random peaks should not distort your clear view on the situation.

Honey Access analytics software will allow you to distinguish behavioral patterns depending on the temperature, amount of rain, and other independent factors to allow you to look at global results in a bigger picture.

How it works

Honey Access City Tracking technology is a mix of high sensitivity tracking sensors, with analytics and reporting cloud software. Sensors are capable of detecting smartphones, and other mobile gadgets. Since all these devices can be uniquely identified, the output dataset collected can deliver very critical insights on how people move across the city, and their revisiting patterns.

The data is available 24/7.

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