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How to do proximity marketing in 2018?

  1. Create your own iBeacon app
  2. Attract your customers with special deals on app download
  3. Anytime customer is near, or in the store, send him a message
  4. Anytime customer is in the store, know about it (collect stats)
  5. Send perfectly tailored deals to loyal customers

Ok, but how do I make my customers download an app?

  • Offer app users something others don’t have (special deal, discount, free item)
  • Promote your app on the window display, your website, via your in-store free Wi-Fi, in the ads
  • Give it real importance, every app user is of great value, as you can get in touch with them, and collect quality stats about them
  • Give it little time, meanwhile start collecting data even for non-app users

Do I really need an app? Isn’t my Facebook page, and mobile website enough?

While both Facebook, and mobile website are must-haves, it’s not enough. Location-aware mobile apps give so much more exciting possibilities, that it’s really not an option to give up on them. See why:

Mobile website Facebook page iBeacon App
Must-have for retailers? Yes Yes Yes
Opt-in User must go to website User must Like page (once) User must download an app (once)
Moment of interaction Every time customer goes to your website Every time customer goes to Facebook, and Facebook engine decides to show your post to them Every time you want to communicate something new, or customer is in the store
Convenience of use
Online stats: most frequently offers looked at
Auto start in-store
Tailored deals
Tailored messages
Recognizing loyal customers
In-store stats: visits
In-store stats: walk-bies
In-store stats: loyalty
In-store stats: paths leading to sale
In-store stats: most frequenty areas visited

In-store deal app

It’s great, but doesn’t it all make sense only with a large community of users? What if my customers won’t download the app?

  1. Your customers WILL download the app. It’s only a matter of good promotion. Remember your customers benefit from the app, because they get tailored deals, and much more convenient access to fresh information. Apps are more fun to use than going to a website.
  2. Even small users base in the beginning, will give you precious feedback on what your customers are most interested in. If you respond to your customers needs, the users base will grow quickly.
  3. You don’t have to wait for everyone to download an app to benefit from analytics inishgts. With Honey Access retail tracking and analytics platform you get instant feedback on your marketing decisions from day 1. This works even with visitors who haven’t downloaded the app yet.

iBeacon Smartphone Apps

New marketing and analytics possibilities for retailers.

What’s an iBeacon app?

iBeacon App is a smartphone app, which can be automatically started whenever your customer is at your location (or is walking by). This creates very interesting possibilities. Both for customers, and retailers.

What is an iBeacon?

It’s a device, that you install in the store, broadcasting its unique ID over Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. The signal it sends is picked app by iBeacon-aware apps.

For whom?

  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants, Bars, Clubs
  • Smart Cities

Why iBeacon apps?

  • Sell more by reaching customers when they’re most ready to buy
  • Improve advertising by gaining new insights from behaviour tracking
  • Reduce costs by learning buying/visiting/abandoning patterns and optimizing your staffing
  • Impress customers by offering perfectly tailored deals, and context information

Why us?

While lot of companies can offer the app development, even the greatest app is just a tip of the iceberg. What we offer is powerful analytics and marketing platform which works even with customers who haven’t downloaded the app yet.

  • Not only iBeacon-aware app, but full-blown analytics and marketing platform.
  • Works also with customers who don’t have the app yet!
  • Better price/benefit ratio. No costly app development.
  • Long range iBeacon, and free Wi-Fi hotspot for the customers, all in one.
  • Risk free. 30 days money-back guarantee.

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