All data we collect via by tracking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or in-app are anonymized.

Primary items stored in our databases are:

  • Encrypted MAC address: MAC address is unique per device; it is picked up from the air, and encrypted (anonymized) with one way key
  • UUID: picked up from in-app requests
  • Hardware parameters hash: picked up from the air; unique per model of device
  • OS parameters hash: picked up from the air; unique per OS installation

The data above allows to distinguish one device from another during the visit of the customer, but cannot be used to trace any person, nor any other person-related information.

Who knows what these days?

Party Contact details Age/Gender Address Interests Visits history Purchasing history
Online stores Buying only   Some
Brick and mortar stores
without tracking
Brick and mortar stores
with Honey Access tracking
Opt-in Opt-in Opt-in Opt-in Opt-in, approximation otherwise Opt-in, approximation otherwise


If you wish to opt-out from all Honey Access-based Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking applications: Blacklist your MAC address