Count people by detecting their smartphones

Count people, Wi-Fi Analytics dashboard

Why count?

The most solid way to improve your retail business is to constantly evaluate all actions, and find what works, and what doesn’t.

One of the most primary metrics, apart from sales, is number of visitors in your location. By counting your visitors, you can judge your marketing and operational actions, and quickly eliminate under-performing campaigns, locations, or staff set-ups.

This is common knowledge for any online business, but surprisingly many brick-and-mortar retailers still haven’t implemented it.

Why count smartphones?

Count People and Retail Analytics - Honey Access

While there are many solid means to count people: like cameras, infrared gates, these solutions don’t give you a clue about the nature of your visitors.

If you are trying to attract people with discounts, you need to make sure you’re not losing money by addressing the discount to customers who would buy the product anyway.

Smartphone tracking is solving this problem by uniquely (but anonymously) identifying customers, never counting them twice, and allowing you to recognize re-visiting patterns.

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